About Us

Our Vision

TENco shows the world that you can play harder.

TENco was created to make you feel free from complexity
and worries, enabling you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

A life where everything feels like a play. Be who you are,
unapologetically. Unlock all doors.

Achieve your dreams.

Switch from reactive to proactive. Set the pace.

by your community. Supported, protected, enabled, cared for,

Never just play hard. Play harder.

A Global Reach

We work hard all around the world, so that you can play harder

  • Hyperpersonalized anticipation of your needs
  • Opening doors in the moment you need it
  • Decomplexing your life 24/7 
  • An exclusive community to network
  • Unlimited support in any aspect of life
  • A life where everything feels like a play
  • We serve members all over the world

Why we exist

We believe that those who feel free can enjoy an abundant life
and that those who do will feel in every moment that they don’t
just play. They will feel that they play harder.

Our founder and CEO Tural Mammadov, a former wealth manager, started TENco to create something he could not find anywhere else: an exclusive community where every aspect of life is supported.

Where life feels like a play. Free of complexity and worries. Where we work hard, so that you can play harder.