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5 Exclusive Membership TIERS

As a TENco member, you gain access to core benefits, each one carefully curated to help you live your life to the fullest.



For those seeking a taste of luxury, our Essential Package offers the perfect introduction to the exclusive world of TENco. With this package, you can dip your toes into our prestigious services on your terms.


Elevate your experience with our Premium Package, designed for individuals who desire a more immersive journey into TENco. Unlock a package that allows you to discover our exceptional services at your pace.



Add a touch of convenience to your lifestyle with this membership tier, as it grants you access to an array of our services. Engage in a world of sophistication, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your refined taste.


This membership tier grants you elite access to a comprehensive array of services, events, and benefits that cater to your every desire. Unveil a horizon of opportunities and revel in the pinnacle of exclusivity.



This membership tier is designed to fulfil your every aspiration, redefine your standards, and provide a journey into a world designed just for you.


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