Personal Assistance

We offer you unlimited personalized support in every aspect of your life. Our team will go above and beyond to take care of your personal wishes and day-to-day requests. You will have your own dedicated lifestyle manager who will be your main point of contact available 24/7, 365 day a year.

Focus on what truly matters to you and let us take care of the rest!

  • 24 / 7 service
  • Administrative tasks
  • Property management
  • House maintenance services through the trusted partners
  • Healthcare services
  • Beauty parlour / cosmetologist appointments
  • Education advice
  • Kids extracurricular activities advise and organization
  • Assistance with pets
  • Recruitment of house personnel and management
  • Online shopping / shopping in person / deliveries
  • Home food delivery & catering organization
  • Art advice
  • Crisis / emergencies situations management
  • Pre-payment of services requested – one single invoice at the end of the month


Travel with ease as we take care of everything, down to the very last detail.

Whether you wish to plan a trip across the ocean or a short weekend getaway, no matter how spontaneous you are, we have access to the most exclusive destinations. Through our extensive network of travel partners, we are able to provide you with the best offers and many complimentary benefits.

Our globally connected team will ensure unique and bespoke experiences around the world to fulfil your dreams.

  • Turn-key travels from A to Z (including travels arrangements)
  • Flight (commercial and private aviation)
  • Boats and yachts
  • Hotels
  • Vacation homes (apartments, villas and chalets)
  • Organization of the stay at well-being establishments and retreats
  • Chauffeur services
  • Car rental
  • Airport VIP services
  • Excursions and entertainment
  • Preferential access to busiest restaurants
  • Delayed luggage assistance


Meet and connect with like-minded individuals within our exclusive community. You will have the opportunity to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships. Whether you wish to connect for leisure or business purposes, our community is one of a kind.

  • Access to other TENco members who are celebrities and renown business people (for professional and personal synergies)


Celebrate and enjoy life to the fullest as we unveil a whole new world to you.
From small private gatherings to lavish celebrations, TENco is known to organize sensational events in the most coveted locations and venues around the globe.

As a Member of TENco, you will be granted privileged access to the most exclusive high-end events worldwide.

Get ready to connect on a different level.

  • Organization of any client’s events / parties & events management
  • Access to world-renown celebrities for client’s events
  • Preferential access to TENco events (annual TEnco Gala, rallies, winter events etc…)
  • Access to the best international events and concerts