Play harder. It’s your life.

Life has many moments. And many expressions. Many situations.Big and small.
Our role is to create TENco moments. Moments that matter.

When you feel free. When your life is enriched. Free from restraints and worries.
Respectful. Visible when you need us. Invisible when you don’t. It’s your life. We enable you to play harder.

Our expertise, complemented by our exclusive curation of partners,
allows us to create for you a life where everything feels like a play.


We are not a concierge company. And not a lifestyle company. We unlock doors. We are enablers of life. We are decomplexers. Imagine having your own dedicated personal assistant, anticipating your needs, giving you unlimited support in any aspect of life.

What will be your TENco moment? We work hard so that you play harder.


Travel with ease. Independent of how complex your trip is.
Independent of how spontaneous you are.

Whether you want to fly private, commercial, use a yacht, organize a business trip, or just find an escape.

We take care of every aspect – transparent, cost-effective, allowing you to focus on what
really matters. And to just be.

Your networking community

Becoming a member of TENco means you will have the access to meet and connect with other like-minded individuals within our exclusive community, building lasting and meaningful relationships, allowing you to take life to a different level.

Events that change you

When it creates a memory, it changes you. You will be granted privileged access to our own TENco events throughout the year, our event planning services for your special occasions as well as the opportunity to attend the most exclusive high-end events worldwide.

Be ready for a life where every aspect feels like a play.